Rose Petal Cottage

rose petal cottage

Rose Petal Cottage

Does your little girl love to play house? If so, the Rose Petal Cottage is the ideal toy for her. Although low-tech, the Rose Petal Cottage Play House is the perfect stimulus to her imagination.

Relatively easy to assemble, this colorful, lightwieght play house is the perfect size for girls age 3 and up who want to have their own little house within yours.

The Rose Petal Cottage consists of two open halves, each measuring approximately 37-by-18-by-42 inches (LxDxH), with the collapsible chimney adding about eight inches to the height. It's constructed with two lightweight plastic and metal frames, snugly fitted with a nylon exterior that meets the flammability requirements of CPAI-84. The included toy stove has plastic and fiberboard construction.

There are many adiitional accessories you can buy for the Rose Petal Cottage, such as the Rose Petal Cottage Table and Chairs Set. Also available separately is a sink, a washer, a lounge chair and much more.

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Be warned: All of the components require adult assembly. It can take about 1 1/2 hours to complete the job, and although no tools are required, you'll need a little bit of muscle to push the metal posts into the plastic connector pieces to construct the frames. After completing the frames, you next slide the nylon exterior on, which, as we discovered, requires a extra dose of patience. Since it's a tight fit, be careful! The fabric can snag and tear on the metal frame if you pull too hard or too quickly.

Yes, it takes some time and effort to assemble -- but it's well worth it. The Playskool Rose Petal Cottage is completely charming. Its cheerily printed exterior sports pretty pastel colors and old-fashioned roses, shutters and shingled-roof details, and a pink, vented chimney. Lace edges the roof and real curtains adorn the mesh-covered windows. The blue, Dutch-style door has a working mail slot, and it secures with two magnetic clasps.

You'll be delighted with the Cottage's many configuration possibilities: set the two sides apart from each other in any position that's convenient for your home, and your child can play in an "open" space. Push them together in a closed, "one-room" configuration, and your child can enter and exit through the door. Vents in the chimney and the mesh-covered windows ensure good air circulation. She will love having a private place to play and imagine. Two small children can fit easily inside, with room for other toys. And when your child is finished playing, you can slide one side into the other for space-saving storage.

Rose Petal Cottage: Powered by Imagination

These days it's not easy to find toys that don't blink and beep, which is why we find the Rose Petal Cottage so refreshing. It simply provides beautiful props to fuel your child's creativity without limiting her, leaving play completely up to her imagination -- no batteries required.